Equipment Recycling

At AIM Ecycling, LLC, we process hundreds of tons of e-waste every month. Some devices, such as desktop & laptop computers, flat-screen monitors, cell phones, and games, can be refurbished and re-used. The remaining e-waste is separated for further processing in specialized facilities that can extract various components and precious metals. The rest is shredded into new materials and devices.

As part of our R2 Certification process, we have carefully evaluated and checked all of our vendors that process the recycled materials to ensure that their standards are as exacting as our own. No materials are exported to non-OECD() countries, no prison labor is ever used as part of any recycling process, and nothing is sent for incineration or to landfills.

Equipment Recycling, old televisions and CRT monitors require special processing because of the hazardous materials, including lead, used in their manufacture. We usually charge a small fee to accept these types of electronics