Northwest Ohio’s First & Only R2-Certified Recycler Since2008 Serving Toledo, Ohio, BG & Surrounding Counties.

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Computer and Electronic Recyclers

AIM Ecycling provides electronic recycling services to businesses, educational institutions and the community. We are NW Ohio’s only R2 Certified electronic recycler. We specialize in the secure data removal and recycling of computers and electronics.

We are the ONLY business in NW Ohio that is R2 Certified. This certification means we are controlled by very rigid requirements and standards to be sure that all data is securely removed and destroyed, and all elements of the items are 100% recycled with zero landfill waste.

We no longer accept TVs or CRT Monitors

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There are more than 50 million tons of discarded electronics, also known as e-waste, are produced every year. In the U.S. alone, more than 30 million computers are discarded annually, and that number shows no sign of decreasing…

Equipment Recycling

At AIM Ecycling, LLC, we process hundreds of tons of e-waste every month. Some devices, either parts or whole, can be refurbished and re-used. The remaining e-waste is separated and sent to specialized facilities that can extract various…

Secure Data Destruction

When data destruction and security isn’t handled with the care it deserves, it can lead to millions of dollars in damages and a permanently tarnished reputation. Regardless of whether your industry is subject to stringent privacyy…

R2 Certified Recycling

SERI is a non-profit organization established to house the R2 Practices. They conduct educational and outreach services and provide administrative support for the multi-stakeholder R2 Technical Advisory Committee…

Why R2 Compliance

According to a recent survey conducted by Converge, IT managers at mid- to large-size companies cite data breach from discarded computers as the number one concern when disposing of IT equipment. SERI reaches out to…

Why Choose an R2 Certified Recycling Center?

  • All R2 certified recyclers are required to sanitize, purge, or destroy data on all hard drives and data storage devices.
  • Data destruction processes are reviewed and validated by an independent party periodically.
  • R2 recyclers are required to have a security program in place that is appropriate for the equipment they handle and the customers they serve.
  • All R2 certified recycling centers maintain necessary permits, licenses, and insurance as required by state and federal regulations.
  • R2 requires that all recyclers send materials to licensed and permitted facilities.
  • Rigorous shipping and material tracking systems are employed by all R2 certified recyclers.