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What makes a good eWaste Recycler?

The short answer to what to look for in an eWaste recycler is: e-Stewards or R2 certification. These are currently the only accredited certification standards for safely recycling and managing electronics. To achieve certification, recyclers must demonstrate to an accredited, independent third-party auditor that they meet the specific standards of the certifying body. To maintain certification, recyclers are subject to annual (and sometimes, surprise) audits of their practices. The R2 (for Responsible Recycling) standard came about after the EPA assembled a [...]


E-Waste Art at its best!

Jason Mecier, just finished a new e-waste art portrait of the late tech god Steve Jobs from 20 pounds of “e-waste.” Look closely and you can see bits of cell phones, iPods, headphones, Macintosh keyboards, CD-Rs, batteries, mice, memory sticks, and other upcycled trash from Apple. It took Mecier 40 hours to put these pieces together. But as with everything Mecier creates, the real thrill is in watching junky elements combine to create a colorful portrait of an icon. He’s [...]