Idle Your Car in the Winter: Fact of Fiction?

By. Ryan O’Connor Residing in New England for my entire life has taught me a lot about owning and maintaining a car through those cold (to put it mildly) winter months. Everything from “What to do when your car battery dies in a McDonald’s drive-thru?” to “What to do when your doors freeze shut while you’re away at college?” are questions I have been forced to confront, thanks to the cold weather. Their solutions ranged from asking the employee at [...]


Why Recycle Electronics?

Electronics contain valuable metals and components that can be used again in another manufacturing process. Cadmium, hexavalent chromium, mercury, chromium, barium, beryllium and brominated flame-retardant materials are components that can pollute water and air resources without proper disposal or recycling.E-waste did not even exist as a waste stream in 1989 and now it’s one of the largest and growing exponentially. — Katharina Kummer Peiry, Executive Secretary, Basel ConventionExcerpts from Basel Convention November 2009 Press Advisory: “Hazardous waste is threatening human health [...]


What makes a good eWaste Recycler?

The short answer to what to look for in an eWaste recycler is: e-Stewards or R2 certification. These are currently the only accredited certification standards for safely recycling and managing electronics. To achieve certification, recyclers must demonstrate to an accredited, independent third-party auditor that they meet the specific standards of the certifying body. To maintain certification, recyclers are subject to annual (and sometimes, surprise) audits of their practices. The R2 (for Responsible Recycling) standard came about after the EPA assembled a [...]