10 Tips to Extend Your Device’s Battery

Millions of us check email, surf the Web or read Facebook or Instagram posts throughout the day. We use a smartphone, tablet or e-reader almost every day. And all of us have found ourselves in the same situation—staring at our phone or tablet’s battery icon fluttering on the edge of black. Time to recharge – even when it’s not convenient. If this has happened to you at least once, read on. Below are 10 easy changes you can make to [...]


Why Is it Important to Recycle Computers?

Americans own nearly 3 billion electronic products, and all of them are on their way toward being obsolete and discarded. Recycling your e-waste can not only keep dangerous materials out of landfills, it can protect the health of children, minimize the damage of excess mining and save you costly fines. Recycling your computer, and all your obsolete electronic waste, makes good sense. Toxic Materials Computers contain toxic materials. Cadmium, which is used in computer batteries, can cause bone and kidney damage. [...]


E-Waste Art at its best!

Jason Mecier, just finished a new e-waste art portrait of the late tech god Steve Jobs from 20 pounds of “e-waste.” Look closely and you can see bits of cell phones, iPods, headphones, Macintosh keyboards, CD-Rs, batteries, mice, memory sticks, and other upcycled trash from Apple. It took Mecier 40 hours to put these pieces together. But as with everything Mecier creates, the real thrill is in watching junky elements combine to create a colorful portrait of an icon. He’s [...]